ImmLab is continuing to expand its intellectual property portfolio with a proactive strategy to insure maximum protection for technologies which it has obtained or developer.

Stable, tested and effective staphylococcal vaccine

With its patented technology, Immunology Laboratories, Inc. (ImmLab) is able to develop new products in reaction to actual epidemiological situation due to emerging resistant bacterial strains. ImmLab has patented and patent pending, novel technological inventions for the treatment of staphylococcal infections in humans and animals. In ImmLab's pipeline are ST398 MRSA human and porcine vaccines, as well as several other patents.

At the present time ImmLab owns seven United States patents and ten International patents.

International patents

We have been granted a European patent, along with individual EU countries of Germany, United Kingdom, France, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

We have been granted and issued a Hong Kong patent 05102303.3, a Japanese patent 4304077, a South Korean  patent 10.0965026, and the Canadian patent 2,476,405.

United States patents

ImmLab has been granted Patents from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for its “Compositions and Methods for Treatment of Microbial Infections”. 








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